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'Trauma is not what happens to you; trauma is what happens inside you as a result of what happens to you'  


- Gabor Mate

Trauma Therapy

Country Road

'It is our innate healing process that has been blocked and can be unblocked with EMDR.'

- Laurel Parnell

EMDR Therapy 

EMDR is a reprocessing therapy and one of two types of trauma therapy recommended by NICE (National Institute of Clinical Excellence) However, over the years, EMDR has developed as a treatment for a variety of 

Paint Brushes with Paint on Them

'We express inner feelings by creating outer forms'

- Natalie Rogers

Integrative Arts Psychotherapy

Yellow Flowers

'One of the cornerstones of supervision is to slow the conversation down, become curious about the relationship and enquire into what it it...'

- Shohet & Shohet

Clinical Supervision

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